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After running a small vegan food store at the Broadway Vegan Market in the UK, Calabash Culture has come leaps and bounds in the Vegan scene. We are striving to provide information about all things Vegan including the best places to eat in the UK, vegan cookbook reviews, and other vegan related topics that may be of interest to the community.



Best Vegan Restaurants in UK

Veganism is another face of green revolution; it revokes the plant-based movements. In most of the corners of the world, the people are revamping themselves into a vegetable eater or Vegan in other words. Veganism is a kind of Vegetarian diet that eliminates the consumption of meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal procured ingredients. Most of the vegans around the world do not consume the foods that are processed using animal products, for example, refined sugar and many varieties of wine and other fats.

Vegan refers to the kind of people who follow veganism. There is a constant argument regarding many food items that come under the list of a vegan diet. For example, there is a debate within the vegan community if the honey belongs to the vegan diet or not. If you are in the United Kingdom, the most common question asked by the vegans is about the best restaurant that serves vegan food. Here is the best list of vegan restaurants where you can find your amazing hunt for the taste of pure vegan cuisine, even vegan beef jerky when you are in the UK.

Tibits, London

Tibits, London

The exquisite restaurant serves the popular international hunt of vegan taste with delicious seasonal menus based on the different extra continental cuisines. The dishes served here is a pure grasp of vegetable which is seasoned within the essence of ultimate polenta and spice. The fabulous fusion of vegetables and spices give you the immense joy of ultimate cuisine.

The Full Nelson, London

The aspirational fact of most of the travellers is to taste the spectacular dishes throughout the world. They urge to bring out the deep uniqueness of tasting desire and revokes the crave for incredible dining. Full Nelson is one of the best restaurants in London that can indeed serve you tremendous taste along with magnificent interiors and tabulating experience of beauty. It includes the best selection of tastes and serves you with the perfect combination of it and finger-licking good stains.

The Vurger Co, London

The Vurger Co, London

The Vurger Co London is one of the popular vegan restaurants in the landscape of the UK. It is well known for the satisfying vegan taste buds in the capital of glamour. The Vurger exhibits an exclusive menu that is a combination of worldwide deliciousness and delight of surprising tastes.

Suncraft, Bristol

When the world is rejoicing the plant-based movements, London celebrates the pride of exposing the best vegan cuisines in the world. The virtuous vegan food is pressed and is popularized because of the wonderful presentation and relish. They even serve special freshly prepared juices with traditional sugar syrups and herb recipes with V-farm hydroponics system.

Suncraft, Bristol

Mildred’s Soho, London

If you are looking for a fantastic taste with delicious herbs served with sauces of leaves, tang and spice, do not skip the visit to Mildred’s. It is a perfect spot of vegan cuisine with aromatic dishes served with ultimate elegance of perfections and obliges. People visit this restaurant to try the delicious tastes served with the authentic palate.